Underberg and Barbecue

The limited gift tin 2019

The Underberg gift tin has been a collector’s items for Underberg fans since 1986. After the end of the “Culinary World Tour,” Underberg, in collaboration with voXXclub, launched the theme cycle “Underberg on Various Occasions” for the jubilee celebration “40 Years Underberg Melody” in 2017. The new gift tin 2019 bears the inscription “Underberg and Barbecue” — a successful combination of summertime joie de vivre.

The first picture is a depiction of a picnic at the lake. A cheerful group of people have come together on a picturesque shore at the foot of mount “Under-Berg” and are enjoying chatting, barbecuing and, of course, the Rheinberg Herbal Digestive. The side panels display a crispy baguette, hearty salads, delicious sauces and a grilled sh, beautifully served with herbs, all in an appealing arrange- ment. Mount “Under-Berg”, almost close enough to touch, can be seen across a eld of poppies.

Another scene is set on a terrace against the backdrop of the city rooftops. The barbecue master is pampering his guests, who are looking forward to the great selection of culinary treats from the barbecue. The popular Underberg herb box is close at hand. The side panels display the convivial atmosphere on a lakeside terrace. The wonderful combination of a cold beer and Underberg has already been set out.

Cheers and bon appetit!